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Here’s the problem with hiring an ISA these days. Every day, thousands of real estate agents get to the point where they’re ready to turn the reins of regular lead generation and prospecting over to a talented person who can get them consistent, qualified listing appointments.

For most agents, this event never happens.

They either can’t find a highly-qualified candidate, they hire a virtual ISA or they end up hiring someone they know...of which, all three options violate the laws of success when it comes to hiring an ISA.

Because it can be so daunting, most agents either never hire an ISA or lose hope of ever finding the right one.

And it can be overwhelming enough to make you want to never try and hire an ISA period.

What’s a smart, hungry real estate agent to do? 

Fortunately for you, we’ve solved the problem.

Introducing our Inside Sales Talent Acquisition program.

Our Inside Sales Acquisition program delivers to you a highly-qualified, ready-to-go ISA that we’ve identified and vetted as one of the absolute best inside sales candidates in your marketplace.

In addition to that, we’ll provide you with our turnkey system to successfully onboard and train your new ISA faster than you would ever imagine, ensuring a seamless transition to you getting a steady stream of great listing appointments.

“With our Inside Sales Talent Acquisition program, you’ll have everything you need - including having our experts hire a top-flight ISA for you - to build an ISA department that provides you with consistent, qualified listing appointments, week in and week out.

At Inside Sales Talent Acquisition , we understand what you’re looking to accomplish with your Inside Sales Department and we’re here to help you:

Identify and hire the right ISA for your marketplace, business and company culture

Successfully contract with, and onboard, the ISA using our proven system

Set up your ISA for success the first day on the job

Build your listing inventory with solid appointments

Avoid making costly mistakes by hiring the wrong ISA

Determine a compensation strategy that helps retain a top-flight ISA

Implement our proven and tested ISA training program

Create predictability and consistency in your listing business

Make money faster and easier without doing prospecting yourself

Who Should Use Inside Sales Talent Acquisition?

The agents who Inside Sales Talent Acquisition are serious about nailing this key hire as well as getting leverage, and creating predictability, in their real estate business. People like:

  • Agents who have tried to hire an ISA before, got underwhelming results, but who want the freedom and earning potential that comes with having a solid ISA in place to help drive listing sales.

  • Agents who have never hired an ISA and who don’t know where to start in identifying and then onboarding one.

  • Agents who are so busy that they don’t have the time to stop and put energy into the hiring process.

  • Agents who have a large number of leads to call, but can’t find time to prospect consistently because they’re out working with clients on a regular basis.

  • Agents who would prefer to have a skilled salesperson make calls for them so they can segment the duties in their business and focus what they do best - get face to face with listing prospects.

  • Agents who just don’t want or like to make prospecting calls but who definitely want to build a consistent, profitable listing business for themselves.

Not to mention agents who already have an in-house ISA, a virtual ISA, are in the process of hiring an ISA or who want an ISA for a reason other than the ones mentioned here. Think of Inside Sales Talent Acquisition as your exclusive hiring partner who will locate and provide highly-skilled phone sales expert for your team whether or not you’ve had success with hiring an ISA before.

When you start using Inside Sales Talent Acquisition, you’ll become a member of a phenomenal community of like-minded agents at all levels of success — from seasoned pros who are crushing their listing business, to newcomers searching for strategies to grow theirs.

From there, we’ll provide you with the most advanced strategies for integrating and training your ISA that you’re not going to find anywhere on the Internet.

We’re giving you the most advanced and proven approach for recruiting and hiring a top ISA for your team - putting you in position to be the go-to listing agent in your market.

And, we’re speaking from our own experience. This isn’t what you call “lip service”...we practice what we preach. Our company was founded by Michael Reese and Jay Kinder and together, they used the same process to hire, onboard and train a team of ISAs that helped haul in 268 transactions and over $2 million in revenue in just 12 months.

After using the strategies and tactics in Inside Sales Talent Acquisition to bring on several top ISAs who generated a couple million in one year, we’re comfortable in saying that we’ve got a good idea of what works and what’s a waste of your time, energy and money.

Using Inside Sales Talent Acquisition is like having your own Human Resources and Training Department complete with skilled interviewers, hiring specialists and trainers to help hire and then train the ideal candidate for your sales team.

"This is the least expensive, and most effective way to hire, onboard and train an ISA to help you grow your listing business over the long term. "

With Insides Sales Talent Acquisition, you’ll get priority access to our proprietary Seven Step Talent Acquisition Method.

Step One - The Talent Whistle: In much the same way that a dog whistle is targeted towards getting only a dog's’ attention, our recruiting ad and ad strategy was created so you can appeal to proven, talented salespeople with strong phone sales experience. We’ll work side by side with you to help implement the entire strategy for placing the ad for maximum exposure so that we can attract the largest number of qualified candidates from whom we can choose.

Step Two - Talent Audit and Skills Assessment: Our hiring experts will scour the resumes and qualifications of every person that applies to identify the top applicants for the interview process. From there, they’ll rigorously interview and vet top candidates using our foolproof 3A Compatibility Screening Process - Ability, Agreement, Alignment - so we can deliver to you the ideal Inside Sales Associate(s) for your final review.

Step Three - Core Fit Analysis: Use our proven and tested one-on-one interview questions to properly identify the core fit of the finalist(s) for the job, ensuring that you leave no stone unturned in the journey to hiring the best ISA.

Step Four - Collaborative Selection Process: You and your hiring specialist will have a video call to review the pros and cons of the candidates that have been forwarded to you for final consideration. Together, you’ll both come to a decision regarding who should be offered the position - including compensation recommendations - so that you can bring the best candidate on board with complete confidence.

Step Five - Success Agreement: You’ll get the exact contract we use so you can secure a solid relationship - and properly manage expectations for the future - with the person you decide hire.

Step Six - Fast Results Immersion Process: We’ll provide you with the process you’ll need to get your ISA up to speed faster and easier than you could ever imagine so you can get them on the phone as soon as possible to start setting appointments.

Step 7 - Skills Mastery: We’ll provide you with the same comprehensive training strategy we use - plus all the scripts and dialogues that our ISAs use - so you can have your ISA master the skills necessary to convert leads to appointments with consistency.

Here's what a few of our clients had to say about their experience...

“I had been thinking about hiring an ISA so I decided to contact Inside Sales Predictability to help me with the process. They assisted me in hiring a killer ISA and the next week we headed down to Texas for ISA Boot Camp. Once we returned home, my ISA set three listing appointments and captured a bunch of nurtures within his first two weeks on the job. Amazing!”

Jason K - Tacoma, WA

“The folks at Inside Sales Predictability helped me hire my ISA right before one of their Inside Sales Boot Camps. I brought him with me so we could both get access to the amazing training and materials provided for both owners and ISAs. After getting him ramped up, he’s helped me add 30 sales and roughly $200,000 in revenue to my business in less than a year. Working with Inside Sales Predictability was a huge win for my business.”

Chris Schmalz - Tacoma, WA

“My business was expanding quickly and I needed an ISA to help capture the immense amount of listing business that was exploding in my area. We had Inside Sales Predictability help us hire an ISA and the impact has been huge. He’s been averaging over 3.5 listing appointments per week for the last four months and will be responsible for adding 55 listing sales to our business this year.”

Kat Geralis - Wilmingon, DE

What Our Inside Sales Talent Acquisition Program Really Offers You...

Trial and error is absolutely a strategy you can employ in attempting to hire a solid ISA for your business. But who wants to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours bringing on the wrong person just to find the right person?

Nobody we know.

With Inside Sales Talent Acquisition  you get a top ISA candidate in your marketplace delivered to you for your final approval. You’ll also get everything you need to onboard and train that ISA so he/she can start setting listing appointments for you in virtually no time at all.

There’s no guess work or figuring things out along the way as we do the heavy lifting for you.

At the end of the day, it’s getting the right person for the job and putting them in the best position to succeed. That’s what Inside Sales Talent Acquisition can do for you.

And, you have our support in making sure you have the right person in place for 12 months after you hire your first ISA.

Try ISA Hiring Mastery, risk-free. If you’re not completely wowed by the immense value you’re getting for your investment, we’ll gladly return your payment and never charge you again.

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